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Why should I be any less than
Why should I be any less than Me just to see if you can make me more than I KNOW I can be!!
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 0
Last words in this world
If I'd have known the last words exchanged with you
Would be so casual yet so true
I'd have made damn sure you felt my love
Not just heard the words as I wandered off.
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 0
Poem for my Dad
Time cannot go backwards
To the memories we once shared
Looking back on everything
We're glad the memories are there
We love you more than we can show
And knowing you're not there
Is killing us all inside
It's more than we can bear
But we will get through this
Because you built us strong
Living life without you
Just feels so wrong
You need to take good care of us
From your home now in the sky
We will meet again one day
But for now this is Goodbye
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 0
Miss you Dad
My life's upside down
My heads in a mess
How can they tell me 'this is for the best'
One day you're there
The next you're gone
When will this nightmare end?
When did it all go wrong?
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 1
In the arms of the Lord they lie.
In the hearts of their loved ones they stay.
Those brave Soldiers who fought and died for us.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning.
We will remember them!
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 0
What I'd do for you...
I'm strong enough to walk away,
but weak enough to let you stay.
I'm smart enough to see the truth,
yet dumb enough to follow you.
I'm wise enough to help you through,
and scared enough to protect you.
I feel your pain with every tear,
even if you don't want me near.
I'll be here til the end of time,
'cause I am yours and you are mine.
I fall for you more and more each day,
I guess that's what every mother would say!
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 0
The Confusion of Hope
Bored of being lonely.
Scared of being hurt.
Building walls around me.
To protect my longing heart.
Waiting for the right guy
To help me feel complete.
Where are you when I need you?
You barely even speak.
I want you to be the one for me,
The one to scale the walls,
The one to sit beside me
As the rest of my world falls.
I know I'm wishing for too much
On someone I don't know.
But maybe if you looked my way
you could take away this woe.
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 2 2
You Smile
Your smile is always in the back of my mind
Giving me the hope that one day
I'll be able to kiss those lips
That made that smile
That gave that hope
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 0
If I...
If I told you I had feelings for you
Will you run away and hide?
If I told you how deeply I care for you
Will you look in my eyes and lie?
If I told you I know its love unrequited
Will you comfort me while I cry?
Would it ruin our friendship to hear my words
or should I keep it all inside?
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 4
For my Daughter
From the moment I saw you
I knew with all my heart
I'd love you forever
No matter how far apart.
As I sit here with you
Staring in your blue eyes
I still can't believe it
You're really mine.
I watch you sleeping
I hear you breath
When you start crying
I'll tend your every need.
I am nothing without you
My life will never be the same
For you are my Daughter
And that will never change.
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 1 1
Ellie-Jade by Lanatei Ellie-Jade :iconlanatei:Lanatei 2 0 Sweet Dreams by Lanatei Sweet Dreams :iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 1
Run away my Friend
Run and hide
Away from all of the prying eyes.
Become the Assassin
The Thief in the night
A spectral figure, out of sight.
Train to be the very best
Build a world without the rest
Teach your spirit to be strong
Then you will do no wrong.
When you find your place of peace
Bring forth the beast
But remember, be yourself
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 1 0
Take your life far away
Pack your things and go
Make a life of peace and dreams
Which within you'll grow
Leave your problems here with me
Forget you ever had them
Take yourself on that road
Have loads of adventures
When you get to where you'll be
Make a stand, then you'll be free
Ignore the world from which you came
Then your spirit will grow again
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 0
I'm always here
I stand behind you
Guarding your back
As you wander blindly
Through the black
Reach out your hands
Don't be afraid
If you fall
I'm at your aid
Never think you're alone
You may not be able to see
But I'm always there
So lean on me
I can't be your eyes when you're blind
And I can't stop you from falling
But I'll be there to help you stand,
I'll guard your back and I'll be there for you to call on
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 0
As I bid you farewell
I hope your time alone will tell
That you will eventually achieve what your heart desires
And you can be all that you wish to aspire.
I hope you find the strength to climb
Out of this hole in your mind.
I wish you the sight to see the light
which will one day end your plight.
I send you the hand to steady your assent
And bring you back safe and sound my Friend
:iconlanatei:Lanatei 0 0

Random Favourites

A View of Heaven by WhiskeyBlade A View of Heaven :iconwhiskeyblade:WhiskeyBlade 2 5
Black Rose
A rose of despair
Hangs silently 'round my heart
Constant reminder of good days gone
When my love who caressed my lips
Now gone to the winds
A Black Rose with thorns of jealousy
Forever more
Turned my heart to stone
Never to find peace
Nor solitude welcomed
A rose no more
Turned black
Which still hangs 'round my heart
Forever more.
:iconshadowknight-dragon:ShadowKnight-Dragon 2 2
The Battle
Two souls intertwined
Forces which exchange wild thoughts
A constant battle
:iconshadowknight-dragon:ShadowKnight-Dragon 1 2
the death of  today by Princess-of-Shadows the death of today :iconprincess-of-shadows:Princess-of-Shadows 3,916 775 the kiss of dawn by Princess-of-Shadows the kiss of dawn :iconprincess-of-shadows:Princess-of-Shadows 12,843 857
Family Values
What light is there at the end of the tunnel without your mum and dad?
Should we have to stand alone and fight because we made them made?
Does it really matter that we made a few simple mistakes?
When all our lives you put us through so much pain and hurt and hate.
A mum that couldn’t give a crap as long as she gets her way
A dad that is so wrapped up in a drunk of a women’s hate
2 sisters that have to stick together or they would fall apart
The only love that we feel right now is for each others heart.
We build a life out of heart and pain and ruin
And now you wanna start being a mum, what the hell are you doing?
You were the one that made everything so fucked up here
And now you wanna act all caring and sincere
And you dad you have no room to talk about our situation
You gave up your home, your family and life for some stupid flirtation
You pushed everyone to the limits they are at today
And then you made it seem that in this act you had no part to play
Well for what’s
:iconanarane-seregon:Anarane-Seregon 1 0
If I died tomorrow
What would you say?
Would you say I was special
In my own unique way
Did I have an impact
On your sad and wilting life
Would you still love me forever?
Through all the pain and strife
If I died tomorrow
Would you cry at the pain?
Of losing one of your best friends
Never to see again
Would you carry on without me?
Would you try and stop your tears?
Or would you let them flow forever
For years and years and years?
Would you pick up the pieces?
And mend a broken heart?
Would hold it all together?
Or would it tear you apart?
:iconanarane-seregon:Anarane-Seregon 2 2
Sunset by DirtyChild Sunset :icondirtychild:DirtyChild 4 0 The day he stopped loving her by Zindy The day he stopped loving her :iconzindy:Zindy 833 133 The perfect kiss by Zindy The perfect kiss :iconzindy:Zindy 2,645 459
Takes Time
I can't bare it any longer.
The anticipation holds me still while everything else moves.
Time takes too long, i cannot be freed.
Tears collect but i don't let them go.
I can't bare it any longer.
I'm alone, all alone with nothing but my woes to accompany me.
I tear at my life, trying hard to just get free.
I cannot escape, the pain of others would be too great to bare.
So I wait.
:iconbecauseican29:BecauseICan29 2 15
princes by heise princes :iconheise:heise 7,871 520 Peaceful by natureblue Peaceful :iconnatureblue:natureblue 0 3



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Just wanted to apologise for not commenting/faving anything recently.
been a bit busy :)
Will get round to looking at some stuff soon though.
And posting new stuff too
Hope everyone is well?
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